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Our Ministries

At Copper Coast Baptist Church, we provide more ministries than just our weekly Sunday Services at 10.


All our ministries run during South Australian School terms, and are located at various places around the Copper Coast.

Learn more about our ministries here:


For children too young for Sunday School whose parents still want a fun learning time for them during the message, Pre-School poppas runs in the common room.

Kim Blackwell - email


Each Sunday during the message, children aged 5-13 can attend Children's Ministry in the foyer.
With two dedicated classes - one for ages 5-9 and one for ages 10-13 - your children are in good hands to learn more about the Bible while you get time to focus.

David Martin - email


Bible Study

Each Friday at 5:30 - 8pm, students from years 7-12 can join together for Bible Study at the chapel. With a meal, games, and an in depth bible study, it is an enjoyable time to know God more, and make new friends.

Chloe Martin - email

Young Adults
Bible Study

Meeting each Tuesday at 7:00pm for dessert and a bible study, Young Adults is a wonderful time to grow together in faith with other people your age.

Location changes weekly, so contact for more information.

Young Adults - email


Bible Study

Bible study runs from 7:30pm each Tuesday, at the Chapel. 

Join with others to learn more about the word, with questions and study put together by Pastor Arthur.

Arthur Tzanakis - email


Music Ministry runs from 7pm each Thursday night, as the musicians and singers for the following Sunday practice the upcoming songs.
Anyone is welcome to come along to join in, and if you are a member looking to join the music team, please contact Kay.

Kay Lawrie - email

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